UPSS Superheated Steam Generator D Series

Suitable for production lines

  • Tokuden’s exclusive transformer inductively heats the pipe fitted with steam jet nozzles.
  • Superheated steam is generated by supplying saturated steam into the pipe with the nozzles.
  • This method minimizes heat loss in the pipe, saving a significant amount of energy compared to superheated steam generators with external heat sources.
  • The D Series is capable of delivering steam at a nozzle temperature of 1200°C with the temperature control accurate to within 1°C.
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Steam Jet Nozzles

Applying the large current generated by the special transformer to the pipe fitted with nozzles heats the pipe through the effect of Joule heating. This changes the supplied saturated steam to superheated steam, which is then dispersed on the workpiece with the jet nozzles.

The D Series is capable of delivering steam at a nozzle temperature of 1200°C.

Video of the Superheated Nozzle

Superheated Steam Generator with Nozzle Tip Extension (Optional)

Superheated steam can be generated even at the end of a nozzle several meters long thanks to a special inductively-heated pipe.

Pipe Cleaning Equipment (Optional)

When using the UPSS over a long period, cleaning of the piping internal walls is necessary. Cleaning is recommended once every three years when using pure water.

UPSS Superheated Steam Generator D Series Specifications

Model UPSS-D05(Small) UPSS-D20(Medium) UPSS-D60(Large)
Steam production volume
5kg/h 20kg/h 60kg/h
Temperature at nozzle * MAX.1200℃
Power supply Single phase 50/60Hz 200/220V
Input current 25A 45A 125A
Heating capacity 2.5kW 7.5kW 23kW
Startup time Approx. 20 minutes
Thermal efficiency 95% or more
Control panel dimensions W400×D(400+100)×H1300mm W400×D(450+150)×H1400mm W500×D(500+200)×H1600mm
Approximate weight 200kg 250kg 350kg

* The maximum temperature of D Series varies depending on the nozzle material and structure.
* The characteristic values above are measured at a temperature of 700°C.
* These products were developed with Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

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