UPSS Superheated Steam Generator W Series

Only electricity and water are used.

  • The W Series can generate superheated steam at a maximum temperature of 700°C.
  • Thermal efficiency as high as 95% reduces running costs.
  • Precise steam temperature control accurate to within 1°C is possible.
  • It is free from the Radio Act restrictions* as its induction heating method does not require high frequency inverters.
    * Only applicable to the Laws of Japan.
  • It is also a simplified boiler that can be operated without any boiler expert licenses*. Maintenance can also be carried out easily.
    * Only applicable to the Laws of Japan.
  • Superheated steam is generated using only electricity and water, keeping the operational environment clean.
  • The W Series is equipped with casters, enabling flexible and simple installation.

* In conjunction with the D Series, superheated steam can be supplied to a production line using only electricity and water.

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Tokuden’s Exclusive Triangular Transformer

Our triangular transformer comprises three-phase coils placed in a triangular arrangement around a Y-shaped wound magnetic core, providing high performance with no imbalance between phases.

Another feature is the special circular magnetic core created by our original manufacturing process. The minimum electrical wiring is used based on the concept that the circumferential length can be minimized when traveling around the same sectional area. The result saves both energy and resources simultaneously.

Generating Superheated Steam

The W Series generates superheated steam using the heat created by the electric current passing through the coiled conductor tubes.

Water is pre-heated in the primary wound conductor tube and converted into saturated steam and then to superheated steam while traveling in the secondary wound conductor tube.

Unique Temperature Control System

The W Series utilizes a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller for thermal adjustments, automatically and instantly adjusting the controller’s proportional coefficient according to the steam volume and temperature. There is no need to manually change the settings to suit different operational conditions.

Steam Volume Controller (Optional)

The amount of steam output can be controlled in a range from 25% to 100%. The steam volume and temperature settings can be specified using remote signals. Also, control of the settings can be programmable according to the workload.

Pipe Cleaning Equipment (Optional)

When using the UPSS over a long period, cleaning of the piping internal walls is necessary. Cleaning is recommended once every three years when using pure water.

UPSS Superheated Steam Generator W Series Specifications

Model UPSS-W05 (Small) UPSS-W20 (Medium) UPSS-W60 (Large)
Steam production volume 5kg/h 20kg/h 60kg/h
Steam pressure 0.1~0.3MPa
Steam temperature 200~700℃
Power supply Three phase 50/60Hz 200/220V
Input current 30A 72A 210A
Heating capacity 6kW 23kW 69kW
Startup time Approx. 20 minutes
Thermal efficiency - 95% or more
Construction code Categorized as simplified boiler, etc.
Dimensions W650×D1050×H1000mm W800×D1400×H1200mm W1000×D1600×H1350mm
Approximate weight 350kg 550kg 900kg

The characteristic values above are measured at a temperature of 700°C.
* These products were developed with Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

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